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Essential Skills of Leadership

This foundational module focuses on identifying the role and behavior of an effective leader. Participants will learn how to demonstrate support for their team by meeting the individual needs of each member and motivating them accordingly. Leaders will learn how to manage others by focusing on behavior, instead of employee attitudes. Leaders will also learn how to encourage participation and involve team members in decision making, problem solving, and achieving common goals.

Resolving Conflicts

Leaders with strong conflict resolution strategies and skills build stronger, more cohesive organizations and more productive relationships. This module increases awareness of the positive and negative impacts of conflict. Participants will also learn to transform problems into creative opportunities and to develop communication tools that build rapport. A guided process will help team leaders establish a cooperative atmosphere to resolve conflicts.

Team building games and activities events are useful also in serious business meetings, where games and activities help delegates to see things differently and use different thinking styles. Games help to stimulate the brain, improving retention of ideas, learning, and increasing fun and enjoyment in meeting your team.

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The Amazing Race Events
The Amazing Race Challenges
& Bangkok treasure hunt

The Amazing Race Thailand, inspired by the popular TV reality series, is one of our most popular events and has proven to be sure with our clients in all business sectors. The Amazing Race Thailand features a challenging activities that take in famous and historical sites, monuments, landmarks and places of interest in Thailand. We aim to prove that the human race really is amazing!

Client's Testimonials

  • Senthil Manoharan  Marketing Communications 
    - Asia Pacific

    " This was our first event in Thailand after a long time and one of the best too. The start of the three-day event was your team building activities and all the attendees had just flown from miles across Asia to Bangkok. All the guests attending your team building session had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed your activities and games. They just forgot about the jetlag and had a good time. What this did to the main event was that it set the mood for everyone and start the day fresh.

    Hats off to your team, Great Show!! Looking forward to work with you again. Thanks. ."


  • Choon-Hau Yee  Regional Sales Manager (SEA) 
    Silberline Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd
    - Singapore.

    " On behalf of the attendees for the event yesterday, a big thank you to you and our team. They had a very good time and found the team building very refreshing and enjoyable. ..."

  • Emilyn Yuen  Executive Assistant
    Regional Finance & Operations  
    Fonterra Brands
    - Singapore.

    " Thank you very much for being part of making our APMEA Regional Commercial Finance Conference a success! The entire team had lots of fun and we get to see Bangkok in 3 hours! The execution of the entire event was very well run and entertaining. Most importantly everyone had lots of fun and bonding together...."

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